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Which investment product should I choose?

Investment bullions can typically be divided into 2 categories: investment bars and investment coins.

One very common question people come up with prior to their investment is which products should be purchased. We will try to help you a bit. There are three important things to keep in mind when choosing the right investment product.

These are:

the lowest price per gram,
the traceability of the product globally,
the different sizes and values of the product.

In general, the largest products have the lowest margins. So, it’s recommended to buy a larger amount of gold once than a small amount of gold often. Meaning, that we recommend buying a 10g Gold Bullion Bar once, rather than 1g Gold Bullions ten times.

Following products have the lowest price per gram. They are among the most reputable products that are accepted internationally by banks, investors or other gold traders:

  • 100-gram Valcambi investment gold bar (these coins are produced by our partner Valcambi SA)
  • 50-gram Valcambi Gold Bullion Bar
  • 1oz South African Krugerrand Gold Coin
  • 1oz Austrian Vienna Philharmonic Gold Coin
  • 1oz Australian Kangaroo Gold Coin

Now you might have an answer to your question about which and how investment products should be chosen.

How to handle gold?

As fine gold coins and bars are extremely soft, they can very easily be damaged. Product’s value is decreased when gold is scratched, bent or the original package has been opened.

Here are some suggestions on how to properly handle gold coins to avoid damage and loss of value.

  • Do not remove coins or bars from their package (plastic capsule, vacuum pack) unless it is absolutely necessary.
  • Always pick up coins and bars only by their edges
  • Never touch gold anywhere on its surface as fingerprints may reduce the value. Fingerprints cannot be removed from the mirror surface. Be aware that even the finest cloth makes small tiny scratches on the surface of a coin.
  • If you need to touch gold products, it advisable to wear white, clean cloth gloves.
  • Never try to bite gold to test its softness.
  • Try not to let one coin touch another as nicks and scratches can result.
  • Do not drag coins across any surface.
  • When removing coins from a holder is necessary, place them on a clean, soft surface. A velvet pad is an ideal surface. A clean soft cloth or clean piece of blank paper may be sufficient for harder coins (coins with gold proof 900-917).

PS! The above applies mainly to new gold coins and bars. Many historical gold coins have been in circulation and are therefore scratched and nicked. Gold market value has preserved in spite of that.

Why invest in gold bullions?

There are several reasons why invest in physical gold bullions. Most people buy precious metals to possess a financial asset that never loses its value. For this reason, gold and silver have been used as currency by many civilizations. Gold, for example, has been valued by different cultures around the world for over 5000 years. Gold has been used for multiple purposes and not only as a payment instrument. A big amount of the gold in use today is being carried around by people as jewellery. There is gold even in the device you are reading this text from.

Furthermore, investing in gold can be a hedging tool against crises. This is because gold price moves differently than, for example, bonds or stocks.

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